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Reasonable Regulations, Responsible Ownership

The City of Daytona Beach requires most residential rentals to be a minimum six months duration.  Short-term, or "vacation rentals", are prohibited almost everywhere in the city.  We are a group of Daytona Beach property owners who believe reasonably regulated and responsibly managed vacation rentals improve property values, provide affordable family vacations, and contribute to the economic prosperity of the city.  Reasonably regulated and responsibly managed are both key.  We want the city to enact common-sense regulations that will encourage vacation rental investment.  We want property owners to respect their neighbors and communities, and commit to Our Pledge for responsible vacation rental ownership.


Supporting Affordable Vacations for Everyone

Daytona Beach is a fantastic family vacation destination, but NOT if a family can't afford it.  Hotel accommodations and dining out can make a vacation prohibitively expensive.  Families on vacation appreciate a home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen facilities, and common areas to socialize. If Daytona does not provide economical vacation rentals, families will visit one of the hundreds of other Florida cities that do.  We are Supporting Affordable Vacations for Everyone in Daytona Beach by providing economical  vacation rental accommodations.


Fighting Blight and Improving Neighborhoods

Vacation rentals are often the most beautifully maintained homes on the block.  Homes are renovated at a property owner's own expense, without tax abatement or incentives from the government. Maintaining these homes provides ongoing jobs in construction, landscaping, cleaning services, property management, and other areas.  Vacation rentals fight blight by creating jobs, increasing sales at local businesses, generating tax revenue, and inspiring neighbors to improve their properties as well. 

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