SAVE Daytona Beach Holidays

Wouldn’t allowing short term / vacation rentals affect the availability of affordable housing?

We don’t see short term rentals affecting affordable housing in Daytona Beach. The vast majority of wanna be vacation rentals are 1) rooms or apartments in private homes where the owner would not ever rent full time 2) vacation homes that are empty part of the year and the owner wants to rent when they are not using it or 3) run down, vacant properties rehabbed by enterprising individuals. None of these units would ever be in affordable housing inventory. 

In fact, short term rentals have in some cases made homeownership possible, with the extra income allowing an owner to make ends meet and pay mortgages, taxes and maintenance. This income is sometimes the difference between hanging on and losing the property to foreclosure.

What should I expect if my neighbor starts renting short term?

Other than the length of stay, short term residential use should be like any other residential use. A long term tenant or an owner should be respectful of their neighbors with regard to noise, parking and garbage, as should a short term tenant.

The owner of a short term rental will probably have high maintenance standards and will very likely have one of the best looking properties on the street.  A vacation rental isn't likely to  be successful if it isn't well maintained.

What should I do if occupants of a vacation rental near me cause a disturbance?

The same thing that you would do if an owner or long term renter caused an issue.  It all depends on the circumstance.  

A call to the owner or owner's representative may be the best option.  Vacation rental owners often provide contact information to neighbors for just that purpose.  They normally want to be notified so they can resolve any complaint.

Keep in mind that most vacation rental owners are far more motivated than owners of long term rentals to make sure that neighbors are not disturbed.  If a guest is renting through Airbnb or a similar platform, they are also motivated to keep their hosts happy.   Hosts review guests and a guest with bad reviews will find it difficult to use the service in the future.

Won't short term rentals change the character of my street?

Maybe.  But sales to new owners and long term rentals can change things also.  Property owners should have the legal ability to use their property as it suits their needs.  

And change can be positive.  Vacant and unused properties can be fixed up and become productive.  Or short term rentals might provide income for a resident owner to make improvements or stay in a property when it is otherwise not possible.

What about the hotels? Will vacation rentals take business away?

We see vacation rentals serving a different type of customer.  Vacation rental visitors are families and friends that want an affordable residential experience.

They want a gathering place with separate bedrooms, multiple bedrooms and a kitchen.  This is a different type of visitor than one that will stay in a hotel or even a condo.  If vacation rentals are not an option in our city, these visitors will simply take their dollars elsewhere.

Tourists who can find reasonably priced, residential accommodations stay longer and spend more at restaurants, shops and other local businesses.  Can we afford to ignore an entire segment of tourist business?

I have Condo / Subdivision regulations on my property. How will this affect those regulations?

Our efforts center on asking the City to change zoning in SFR-5 and Residential Redevelopment areas that are not in deed restricted subdivisions or condos.  

To the extent that properties are governed by associations, the City changes won't affect those rules.   Each association has its own process for changing its rules and they would not be affected by the zoning change we are requesting.